Bay View Rolling Mill : The Reason We Exist
Photograph of mill group on stairs.
July 15, 1884.

What's the story?:
Much of the skilled workforce was imported from England, Wales, and Scotland, because workers from there were familiar with the work. Although Germans were the largest ethnic group in Milwaukee, they were the minority in Bay View, and worked mainly as general unskilled laborers in the mill. A few Irish also lived and worked in Bay View. By the early 1900s, there was an ethnic shift of the workers at the factory. There were still some British workers in higher positions, but most of the foremen were German. Unskilled laborers tended to be Poles and Italians. African Americans began arriving in Bay View and working at the factory in the late 1910s, and for a short while in the early 1920s, Mexican laborers also worked at the factory.
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