Bay View Rolling Mill : The Reason We Exist
Invitation to Dedication Program designating Puddler's Hall as an Historic Landmark. Front of invitation depicts a Puddler with rabble and paddle.

Inside of invitation reads, in part:

" 'The puddler manipulates about 5 cwt. of pig iron or finers metal through a small opening in the charging door…..using his rabble and paddle…..the iron becoming sticky and working "heavy"…..the cinder separating from the iron in a very liquid state.'

What's the story?:
Puddling is the process of stirring a molten puddle of iron in a furnace. With this process, air is present and carbon can be removed, transforming the ore from brittle cast iron, to malleable wrought iron. This was difficult and required the expertise of a "puddler," who used a long metal rod to stir---or puddle---molten iron in the bottom of the furnace. Puddlers of the Bay View Rolling Mill were considered highly skilled, and earned over $5.00 a day. This was much more than what unskilled workers made, which was about $1 a day.
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